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IKS Fördertechnik

Hotline: +49 (157) 7878 6995

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IKS engineering services for materials handling

Your competent partner for industrial cranes, fully automatic high-bay warehouses, conveyor systems and service.

Cranes: manufacturer independent consultation, equipment sales, retrofits and service.
T.E.R. pendant controls, geared limit switches and intermediate switches – find the product you need right away.
High-bay warehouses with ASRS and conveyor systems: expertise in warehouse automation and software for a cohesive system.
PLC and motor control units: best migration from S5 to PLC, frequency inverter modification.

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crane purchase

We offer a consultative approach, customized procurement
and installation of your crane
and a comprehensive aftersales support.

Range of services:

  • Detailed consultation and individual analysis of your needs
  • Project planning and presentation of the offer in person
  • Customized choice of cranes from different makes
  • Project management from concept to handover
  • First compliance inspection after start-up
  • Delivery of supplementary services for statics and crane runway

Crane Services

We assure the proper operation of your crane systems day and night.

Range of services:

  • Inspections following the regulations for the prevention of industrial accidents
  • Inspections and maintenance according to manufacturer specifications
  • Specialized inspection services (upon consultation)
  • Repairs for all established crane manufacturers
  • 24 hours technical emergency service
  • Delivery of genuine manufacturer spare parts as well as manufacturer-independent parts
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Retrofits and Modernizations

We take into account economic criteria for repairs, modernization and purchases.

Range of services:

  • Control modification, e.g. cabin, ground or radio control
  • Installation of drive units controlled by frequency inverters
  • Integration of alternative drive units through “new for old” arrangement
  • Mechanical adaptation of drive units
  • General overhaul – resumption of the remaining useful life according to FEM
  • Spacer, protection circuits in accordance with performance level
  • Runway optimization


We take care of the proper installation of your facilities and their start-up.

Range of services:

  • Consideration of all installation requirements
  • Project management from concept to handover
  • Installation of crane and conveyor systems (independent of the manufacturer)
  • Installation on assignment, start-up and first compliance inspection
  • Delivery of hoisting tackles and lifting beams


Proper training for workers to improve safety and ensure a proper operation
without accidents in accordance with labor protection laws.

Range of services:

  • Crane operator trainings
  • Technical introduction to the installed system for workers
  • Training in programming adjustable frequency inverters
  • Health and safety briefings

Controlling devices

Efficient analysis of all system components to find
the best drive design for optimal control of your conveyor systems.

Range of services:

  • Drive design development
  • PLC programming
  • Frequency inverter programming
  • Safety controls development
  • Project planning for plant control

Managing Director:

Ronald Starck

Wirtschaftsweg 7
04420 Markranstädt
birthday 06.02.1966 in Magdeburg
married, 2 children


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+49 (3212) 4090580
+49 (157) 7878 6995
tax number: 235 277 11365
Ust.ID: DE278637822


August 2011 as IKS Maschinenbau- & Kranservice
Over 20 years of professional experience in the core areas of storage technology, materials handling and process crane technology
IKS is part of a network structure of leading companies in the industry

IKS career development path

1987 – 1990
technical specialist in natural gas drilling rigs in Russia Kazakhstan. GDR
1990 – 1995
Assembly of conveyor systems and crane systems in Germany, Europe and neighboring countries.
1995 – 2004
Technician and specialist for commissioning, service and maintenance
Product development in the business areas:
- automatic high-bay warehouse, material handling, and parking systems in the
Mannesmann Demag Fördertechnik, vs. Dematic GmbH
2004 – 2010
Technician and specialist for commissioning, service and maintenance
Product development in the business areas:
- Standard cranes and process cranes at
Mannesmann Demag Fördertechnik, vs. Demag Cranes GmbH
2010 – 2011
Area manager in East Germany Konecranes AG
2011 – 2016
Establishment of its own company the company IKS
since 2017
Managing Director / Partner of the IKS Fördertechnik GmbH


Dipl. Ing. Michael Schwarz

Wirtschaftsweg 7
04420 Markranstädt

NL Vertrieb West

Jürgen Blum

Sandweg 12
28832 Achim/ Delmenhorst